Decemberween 2022: ASMR Recommendations

Each year, now, as a tradition, I share a list of the ASMR artists I have discovered and engaged with throughout the year. Ostensibly, this is to promote them, but we all know that that’s not really how this works. Now I’m in the habit of doing it because I can look back at each entry and see if I’ve stayed engaged with the same artists over time. It’s a neat kind of diary!

ASMR - 1960's NASA Mission Control - CAPCOM to Moon Base

First up, WhisperAudios ASMR. This channel has a pretty interesting variety, but one thing she’s really good at is boring stuff; not stuff you need to pay a lot of attention to to maintain the thread. I need a lot more white noise now thanks to the lack of quiet spaces and times I have to listen to ASMR when I need to focus, so her preference for things like lo-fi, patient experiences is very useful.

ASMR | Friendly 5-Star Blackjack Dealer (basic strategy)

ASMR Jeremiah has a specific subgenre of blackjack plays. I like the sound of riffling cards, and it’s all done with a very gentle pace. There’s a lot of stuff I don’t much react to (he definitely positions himself as a Nice Dad vibe). You can tell when an artist has one prop they don’t like packing down because you’ll see a lot of stuff in that genre.

Flustered Art College Girl Wants to Draw You~ "You're...Beautiful" [Roleplay] [Strangers to Lovers]

Wew, these were tricky to pick from. Okay, so here we have Wholesome Girlfriend ASMR, which is a channel of nothing but that. Just a bunch of short form roleplays about a girl who is a girlfriend, in some way or another, and it’s all decidedly wholesome.

it’s a lot of short, sweet stories, but it is also very het, and most of them glance off me. On the other hand, there are specific short narratives I find very comforting when I’m trying to focus on something monotonous.

ASMR - BACKSTREET DEALER ~ Slingin' Neos Dirt Cheap (Totally Legal & Not Bootleg Pronouns) ~

And also, this one! SeafoamKitten is an ASMRtist I started listening to early on but didn’t really click with me, but recently they’ve been doing some different stuff that I find more interesting; for example this video which includes a lesson on conjugating pronouns complete with a bunch of neopronoun examples.

Also, I have learned, they’re nonbinary, and turns out when they made that known (with a crossplay video), they got a marked dip in subscribers and followers, so that sucks.

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