D&D Day 2

Today marks day 2 of the 3-day D&DAthon and it was so exciting I had to have several naps. I’m serious, we have these long sprawling combats of people shuffling cards and squinting at their cool powers. I’m playing a leader – a bard, in fact – so most of my goodness happens on other people’s turns. Particularly, I can do a lot of off-turn malarkey which needs to watch for its opportunity. Twice I’ve gotten so tired and dizzy I had to flop down on the sofa and have a sleep between my turns – and that’s because twenty minutes between turns is quite a thing.

This is something to consider for game: The amount of mental load your players have to go through to keep playing is a serious problem. Try to make sure when you design, you design something that minimises the amount other players have to disengage, and where the mental load can be tracked easily.

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