Dark, Metacritic, Ugh

I took a pot-shot at Dark recently, then figured I’d go back and look at how the world considered it, beyond just my assessments of videos of the game and reviews. Turns out, Metacritic assesses Dark as a 41, generally bad. Yet, check out the promoted review that gave this game a perfect 10:

This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. This was a fun game. The controls were a little difficult at first but I got the hang of them pretty quick. The voice acting was also a bit abrasive at first as well but as the story progressed, I got more into it.

The game actually does get considerably more interesting as you go on and things get a lot cooler as you unlock more powers. I also enjoyed the challenge of sneaking around, though I would have enjoyed the option of some combat. I suppose the creators wanted to keep us focused on sneaking instead of fighting. Other things I would have changed would be the boss fight at the end (this would require a combat mechanic), and the length of the game. It gets really cool near the end and then it ends… I can’t help but feel that it could have used some Metal Gear feel in it.

In any case, I’m up for a replay. I enjoyed sneaking around and causing havoc from the shadows.

Check. That. Shit. Out.

This is why I am against the idea of citizen journalism.

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