Daft Souls!

Playlist: Daft Souls Podcast

What’s that, you ask? Why, it’s a podcast, maintained and created by the brilliant Matt Lees, under the auspices of his Patreon. I really enjoy this podcast, not just because of its subject matter, but because of a stated goal Lees has. He could Skype people in – god, I know people would love to be on his podcast – and add their voices, but instead he’s chosen to fix the podcast around a small, familiar experience. The people are in a room, they’re talking and engaging with one another, and it means that there’s a type of communication and a lack of crosstalk that’s breathtaking. People are polite, they’re reacting to one another’s cues – and they are wonderfully informed, interesting people, talking about games I do know and games I don’t. These are smart folx, and I like listening to them.

And now this playlist will be easily found without navigating through Youtube’s mire on my phone. Hoorah!