Crap Tattoo Game Idea

Okay so at the moment this is just a germ of an idea, but if I made a game that was about getting a variety of embarassing tattoos and piercings, while drunk, that relied on just context-free ‘tattoo’ designs on mostly undifferentiated patches of skin, or piercings of same, would it be exploitative or kinda cool to just open the floor to people asking them to send me a single piece of whatever design they want, good or bad, and then compensate people if the game winds up making money?

I’m torn on this. I recognise it’s lotteryish. On the other hand, what exactly is the going rate for ‘whatever random crap you want to doodle?’ Is it rude to assume anyone would want to do this? How can I do this while doing right by the artists who, let’s face it, if your’e reading this, are clearly my friends?

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