Consider Other Players

I try to make sure I don’t write about roleplay too close to when I’ve gone through some of it, because a. it’s dorky as fuck, and b. it often can be a raw emotional reaction. I after all know that the term ‘Damselling’ as I use it sounds fundamentally judgmental, made worse by the fact that I personally don’t like that kind of storyline. Then I look like ‘m being rudely judgmental of something I don’t like, as if I’m in a position of expert authority.
Worse, it’s not that I’m smarter than all the people I RP with, but I do think I think about this stuff in a way a lot of people don’t.
This isn’t about that specifically, it’s about something else.
Roleplaying in shared spaces is about communication. It’s about finding the common language and ideas that we can all interact with and share. Basically, it’s a matter of sharing story pieces, and then finding interesting ways the can interlock.

There is basically nothing you gain from finding someone else’s story pieces and going “THIS IS PISH.”

Look, I hate a lot of what y’all do. I’m an utter snob. But for the most part, going into people’s spaces and antagonising them isn’t villainy and it isn’t roleplay. it’s just being a shitty asshole to people who are, for the most part, trying to avoid shitty assholes. There are not many of us who want to spend our time dealing with shitty assholes, not even imaginary shitty assholes.

Find the people who work for you and whose work make you happy. Don’t act like you’re entitled to someone’s attention because you’re ‘being a villain.’ Because then you’re right back to ‘shitty asshole’ territory.

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