Completionist’s Curse

I’m replaying some of the last bits of Fallout: New Vegas trying to round out all the companion quests on one character, with the first order of business being to grab every single travel location first, so I could knock it all over fast. What this has done is made Boone’s quests remarkably hard to get, though, because he cares about being present while you kill important targets, targets that he has good reason to hate.

That is, Boone doesn’t like me enough because I’ve been too effective at killing off the people he hates. It’s like I’ve turned up on his doorstep with a box of candy and flowers, and because he can’t be sure they’re organic, he doesn’t trust me.


  1. Eh, just console command his heart.

  2. Shoot him in the face. I hear that helps with the love. Flowers and chocolates say I like you, but shooting someone in the face says I love you enough to waste precious ammo on improving your disposition… and the positioning of your facial features.

  3. You say this like you wouldn’t totally hold a torch for Boone if you knew him.

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