Coming Schedule

By Monday, I have to clean the house and write a short story for class. There’s an inspection and an assessment cut-off point. The house cleaning is the easier task to embrace, because the house inspection relates to rent, which is very important. The short story is harder. The tutor has more or less said that there’s no reason to strive for a high mark; you either create what he likes, or you don’t – his assessment of my poetry felt very dismissive and scornful. I know some people get angry about this sort of thing, but my reaction is more miserable and disconsolate.

Then I have to do a Journalism essay, which I haven’t started on yet, and finish my Business essay, which is mostly done. These tasks have a lot more time – they need the end of the month. Next week, I need to review a videogame and do a photoset for my journalism topic of videogames.

If you’ve any suggestions that are helpful or useful, I’d be happy to hear them!

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