Clawhammer Goes Mobile!

It’s so fun to describe my rudimentary text adventure game near-wiki creation as if it were actually hard. Okay, remember Girl With A Clawhammer, my satirical text puzzler adventure which was about interesting and fun stuff to do with clawhammers? Well, after some feedback and revisions and seeing how it looked on mobile phones (really bad), I’ve updated it and will be issuing it to folx to play at GongCon 2014!

Girl With A Clawhammer

If you particularly want to see/read some thoughts on the topic, we’ll get into it after the fold.

What’s changed? Well, there’s expansions in every area of the game, and the entire third arc of the game has been rewritten. The game is now flat-out bigger, with the addition of a few passages. Two passages weigh in at a whopping 600 words each, but don’t worry, they don’t all show up. The third arc of the game, where you have to contend with the vampire gangsters, has been expanded and explored. It’s now possible to exert some agency over the game. There’s another item, there are more growly slogans to yell at the fire, and the whole thing should be more playable/viewable on mobile phones.

The entirety of Girl With A Clawhammer clocks in at around 7,000 words. For comparison, there are publishing sites that will accept 6,000-10,000 word submission as a novella.

There is an issue where sometimes the front door can lock you into the wrong option. I’m having a hard time hunting down what causes that bug. If it does hit you, just try restarting.

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