Charger Cable

A great development for Game Pile has happened and I didn’t even mention it. Yesterday, I received a USB 3DS charger cable.

Once upon a time, I had an NDS, which I cheerfully referred to as my favourite console. It was capable of playing a huge array of games I liked, it was lightweight and fit in my pocket and I liked all sorts of games that came on it. The NDS was probably the place where I most enjoyed NIntendo being Nintendo, with the Pokemon of that console being the ones that most captured me since Silver. I loved the Mario that came out on that console, too. You might remember that one of my first Game Pile reviews was of Ghost Trick.

I stopped talking about the NDS because mine broke, and I replaced with the 3DS. This changed my relationship with my mobile gaming device, in that it no longer was mobile – it was a gaming device that could manage the trip in and out of town, if the time in the middle wasn’t too long, but couldn’t be left in my bag overnight and forgotten. I had to charge my 3DS every night, and if I forgot, it was scuppered.

With only one charger, and two possible locations I could be playing it, this meant that my 3DS’ primary job was to sit, on a charger, being charged, in case I needed it.

Not optimal, I’m sure you can follow.

Now that my 3DS is in a place I can both charge and play it at the same time, however, it’s increased greatly the chance that I’ll finish one of those 3DS games I own. Hoorah!