This reminds me of two things, for some reason, and both of them were bothersome to me. When people were upset that there wasn’t a genderless/transgender option for the Pokemon hero and also someone’s rant about not being able to play a female version of a TF2 character, thus they’d never play the game and it was ‘shit’ for it.

I understand the want for female avatars, given the choice I’ll always make one, but basing your entire love of a game off the ability to emulate your real life (or what you wish your real life was, or what you’ve been forced into, whatever) seems a bit ridiculous.

I grew up in an age where females in games were novel, and were never customisable because it was before the big MMO rush. When they first started introducing MMOs and their choice of gender, it ended up being long-haired made you female usually and the colour of your robes. I guess I just don’t see the need for people to see this as anything more than just another random customisation option, not a statement of anything.

Besides, in CoD, does it really matter what your avatar looks like? I don’t know, I think those games are terrible because of the community they breed in general, but I can understand how ideas can form in heads over storylines involving a female in that setting.

I’m rambling and making very little sense, SO I’M GOING TO EXIT STAGE LEFT NOW.