Bullet Journal Module: Day Tracker For The Swindle

The thing I’ve come to really love about Bujo is the question ‘what is that for?’ can always be answered with ‘the things I want to use it for.’ This is a module I made for my Swindle runs; I want to try and get a run faster than my 16 day current best, I want to know how long I spend in each zone, and I want to know how much influence the ghost bonus/multiplier and number of computers influence what I’m doing.

So I made this!

The note of K vs D: K are runkiller levels, places where there’s simply too much in the way and the day has to be considered a total waste, not even able to advance multiplier. This is when you get things like computers in areas you need bombs to reach before you can possibly afford bombs, or multiple security-locked computers before you can get security hacking. D however is just when you heck up and die.


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