Brütal Honesty

I keep my eyes tuned to the Steam specials with an eye towards informing people about the best games in its bargain basement lineup, and usually this means a somewhat cynical eye trained on seeing just what does and doesn’t change there. Indie games routinely dip down but then dip back up in a few days, and long, protracted sales like the Linux sale kept prices depressed on a particular type of game really consistant. Aside from Tomb Raider being eternally 10% off as a preorder, which tells me the game is probably going to be very bad and the developers know it, there’s this weird thing where Brütal Legend has been on a non-stop ‘short term’ 25% off sale for the past week and a half, and I have no idea if it’s because the game’s seriously been on that many contiguous short-term sales, or if it’s because nobody pulling the levers at Steam central has even noticed they sell it.

I’ve considered picking it up and giving it a try, expecting basically Dynasty Warriors as told by Jack Black, but for some reason I find myself reluctant. It’s not like I dislike Jack Black, but I also find myself hard pressed to mention things he’s done this decade that I actually like.


  1. Oh Jack Black. I really appreciate him as a person, I just don’t care for anything he’s ever done.

    1. Similar. I really liked Tribute, but that was basically it.

      1. Nay! We are but men.

        1. Bwee heee hee.

  2. High Fidelity. Most of that was Cusack, but his part in that film was not totally deplorable and it was the first time I really paid attention to the man singing.

  3. If it helps, it’s made by Tim Schafer. But it is a /very/ silly driving/fighting game. With rocking out. Ojin enjoyed it.


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