Brütal Honesty

I keep my eyes tuned to the Steam specials with an eye towards informing people about the best games in its bargain basement lineup, and usually this means a somewhat cynical eye trained on seeing just what does and doesn’t change there. Indie games routinely dip down but then dip back up in a few days, and long, protracted sales like the Linux sale kept prices depressed on a particular type of game really consistant. Aside from Tomb Raider being eternally 10% off as a preorder, which tells me the game is probably going to be very bad and the developers know it, there’s this weird thing where Brütal Legend has been on a non-stop ‘short term’ 25% off sale for the past week and a half, and I have no idea if it’s because the game’s seriously been on that many contiguous short-term sales, or if it’s because nobody pulling the levers at Steam central has even noticed they sell it.

I’ve considered picking it up and giving it a try, expecting basically Dynasty Warriors as told by Jack Black, but for some reason I find myself reluctant. It’s not like I dislike Jack Black, but I also find myself hard pressed to mention things he’s done this decade that I actually like.


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