If I were Peter Molyneux 16

… or maybe if I were some famous card game developer.

A tabletop deck-building card game in which each player plays a pair of best friends, a man and a woman, as they seek love in a painfully 90s Romantic Comedy setting. Characters have to earn money at a variety of jobs, which yield money, which can be spent on things. Male characters have a deck full of their expensive hobbies and their pasttimes, and they can accrue money to go to places and further their career, making themselves better and more valuable catches as determined by their secret victory card.

The female characters have to build their decks that reflect them as people. The problem is, there are some cards they have to add to their decks, cards that do not do anything, prompting dead draws. The womens’ job cards offer less money, even when they have the same name as the men’s cards. They have their own victory card – which lives in their deck, so they can’t check it most of the time. They have to build their deck to generate money, to try and have meetings with the man they think is the one they want.

See, the lesson is that 90s Romantic Comedies are bullshit.

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