Break Week!

Coming up is a blank week in the middle of the uni semester. I have to get some work done – bit by bit! – on my projects, but this is looking at being a full week in which I have no obligation to leave the house, and can simply sit down, and focus. I somehow dread that this period will be dedicated to fucking around.

Starting the week off – well, a Sunday is a start – I’m home now after this morning being pulled in as a raider in my first ever ‘proper’ raid experience. I came along with the Lazy Peons of Khadgar, which is, apparently, a thing to help some alts gear up through the Throne of Thunder raid. I died once, the other tank died once, and apparently, the ability to endure the guild leader’s ‘shit’ was a skill enough. Then, ten minutes after the boss dropped, bam, we were off to Sydney to draft Theros cards with Mournglash and co. I lost more than I won, but I had fun, and people enjoyed themselves.

Now, I have a little time left before the end of the day to do a little bit of work on one thing, or another thing. Let’s see what I do.