Break Week!

Coming up is a blank week in the middle of the uni semester. I have to get some work done – bit by bit! – on my projects, but this is looking at being a full week in which I have no obligation to leave the house, and can simply sit down, and focus. I somehow dread that this period will be dedicated to fucking around.

Starting the week off – well, a Sunday is a start – I’m home now after this morning being pulled in as a raider in my first ever ‘proper’ raid experience. I came along with the Lazy Peons of Khadgar, which is, apparently, a thing to help some alts gear up through the Throne of Thunder raid. I died once, the other tank died once, and apparently, the ability to endure the guild leader’s ‘shit’ was a skill enough. Then, ten minutes after the boss dropped, bam, we were off to Sydney to draft Theros cards with Mournglash and co. I lost more than I won, but I had fun, and people enjoyed themselves.

Now, I have a little time left before the end of the day to do a little bit of work on one thing, or another thing. Let’s see what I do.


  1. My experience is that you should leave the house anyway for short time periods to calibrate your time sense. It’s easy to fall into patterns of distraction if the environment remains static

  2. People leave the house?

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