Brago and Manifest

Time to time I’ll notice a thing in Magic: The Gathering, not say anything about it, then forget about it for later. So, real quick now: Brago, King Eternal + Lightform or Cloudform. The curve works out fine – the 3-drop follows a 4-drop. You hit with Brago, and flicker out all three permanents. This gives you another Manifest card and it lets you flip over the manifested card. Notably, if the manifested card was a non-creature permanent, you will get to flip it over, because this isn’t using manifest. It’ll trigger the creature’s comes-into-play abilities too.

It also untaps Brago, if you know, you particularly want that.

This is the kind of thing you won’t see in a sensible magic deck, but you will see in Commander, and that’s part of why I like it. The notion of building a UW deck that runs on nothing but permanents gives me the giggles.

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