You’re My Super Friend

I’m not friends with you because I get something out of it. I’m not friends with you because I’m waiting to get something out of it. I’m friends with you because you’ve shared with me a little bit of who you are, of what you think. We all have walls, and you have trusted me enough to lower yours a little, and let me see the ideas, the dreams, the aspirations and the creativities that lie within yours. You are unique and special and amazing and you have given me the opportunity to see that, spreading your ideas into my mind and giving me new ideas. You have tested my ideas, you have made me stronger.

You are my friend because of who you are.

I may have to spend the next hundred years of my life reminding you, but that’s a duty I’m happy to fulfill.


  1. There’s that dorabetes again, which is not a bad thing.

  2. Mwah.

  3. Hey all y’all, don’t just admire the cuteness. Fucking print this out and staple it to your desk or something, so you can look at it every time you feel like one of your friends is wasting their time on you.

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