Be Nice

Why, no, no it’s not.

This thought has been building for a few days now, but I noticed that some days I just have this non-stop cavalcade of noticing opportunities to be kind to people, where I take most of them. My life is, in some ways, about helping other people stand up and try things for themselves, even if they’re the things I don’t like, or don’t want them to do, because kindness and friendship aren’t resources to be spent directing your friends’ life choices.

It takes a few seconds to notice a friend isn’t feeling great. If you can’t be the person who listens, if you can’t be the hand that steadies a shoulder, you can spend just a few seconds finding some very basic way to tell them that you care. Find a picture, send a picture. Tell a joke. Offer a hug.

It’s not hard, and getting in the habit of it will help you help your friends be happier. Even if only in that they know there’s someone who cares.

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