Basically A Big Tweet

Recent tweets, from Laurel-Li and Trav have put me in mind of a few basic points, one of which is: I don’t care to argue over Twitter. The format is small and short, and I find that multi-tweeting is tiresome and I just don’t like the style. I don’t particularly want to dedicate a blog post to explaining myself, especially in this situation, nor hashing out the potential argument there, and I equally don’t think that dragging it out would solve anything.

Essentially: Your indignation has been heard and accorded the respect I feel it merits, as I am sure it would be in return. Thank you for voicing your opinions, and if you have a direct opinion, if you have direct commentary about me, feel free to direct it, since there is no need to be passive-aggressive about it.


Edit And Addendum: The purpose of this note was to be a direct address to two people, in a public location, as to why I was not going to engage in an argument, over twitter, on the appropriateness of my reaction to the governmental situation in America. It was then directly brought to the attention of both the people to whom it was addressed. It is not an attempt to order you to behave in any way, it is an explanation that I have heard what you have to say and This is why I am not responding on twitter.

I hope this clarifies things.

Also, to those people who are angered by these peoples’ behaviour, please – and I note that this is a request – please do not fight with them over it. The purpose of this is not to create a fight but rather to indicate why there wouldn’t be a fight from my side. I have taken the measures as best I can to ensure this, but I really do request that people not fight over something so trivial as to whether or not I made a tasteless joke.

I say again: Please don’t fight.


  1. Honey, this right here is the very definition of passive-aggressive. Allow me to suggest actual communication. Via, as a for instance, IM, telephone, email… Really, you’re spoilt for choice.

    1. I directed it to you.

      I named you.

      I sent it to you.

      This is not at all passive-aggressive. And you can contact me any time you want.

    2. It’s not passive aggressive if he links you to it straight after posting, different kind of thing ^^

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