Game Pile: The Backlog

We’re all familiar with the level of work involved in maintaining and getting through a backlog of games, and since the past four years of my life, my gaming has been quietly savaged by the presence of a single all-encompassing MMO interest that, last year, concluded, smothered while surrounded by loved ones by some out-of-town jerkass lawyer type, I didn’t really play anything much besides City of Heroes. Of late, the Game Pile project is an attempt to play and finish the videogames of the list that I’ve acquired, writing up my opinion on each one and how I feel about them overall. This project aims to provide an informed opinion from me about a variety of titles, partly as a writing exercise and partly as being part of the vast wall of opinion.

First things first, I have a stack of games from Good Old Games, which is mostly unplayed. Some of these games were purchased so I could finish them – some to legitimise copies, and some of these were freebies.

My GoG game pile.

In this list, Gemini Rue, To The Moon, Resonance, Quest For Glory V, and Fahrenheit are leading the charge. On the other hand, gog games are DRM-free, meaning I’m more likely to want to play them on a portable device like my netbook, or without an internet connection.

Now, here is my Steam list of games. Any suggestions on what should get played next?

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