Back to Uni stuff…

My creative writing work is done for the first assessment (due end of Week Six). It’s week five now, so I’m good on that one. I have a project to finish by Sunday night, but it’s mostly done, thanks to Conscience Crab (thanks, Conscience Crab). I have to do some work for BCM, which is mostly reading and putting together stuff for my group presentation.

I fear at times that I’m too first-year. That my work is too basic but the questions I’m being asked seem so incredibly stupid. In class, I was asked ‘why is this this way?’ and so I did some digging and research. I wound up with an interesting take on things because I’d looked into the demographics of the era and the changing cultural environment. I was told the answer was much simpler than I expected, because I was expected to read the Reader and use that for my answers. Which is okay, but I felt a bit embarassed.

I still need to pick my Philosophy essay question. I’m leaning towards the discussion of the ethics of videogames using deliberately addictive techniques. It bothers me because the lecture and discussion so far has been totally anti-videogame… and counterfactual in places. I think there is something interesting to be said about the ethics of videogames becoming more skinner-boxy, but I don’t think you find that problem in the fucking Splinter Cell games.

Oh well.

Also, because achievements track locally I’m playing Hate Plus AGAIN again again again again. Again. On the other hand, I’m debating what game to play next. I’m between X-Com, Mass Effect and Sleeping Dogs. The trick is finding which will leave a friend least disappointed in the time it’s taking.