Amerimanga Covers I

There’s a super specific genre of shitpost I do on twitter that I can only really describe as deeply sarcastic fake Amerimanga cover art. I’ve done enough of them now that I sort of feel I should archive some of them in one spot. Here’s a fold!

If these don’t make any sense to you, if you don’t find these funny, trust me, it’s okay: this is riffing off a very specific experience that a small window of people who happen to talk to me all seem to have had.

Yeah, I’m @ing you, entire mid 00s webcomic community

I’ve been thinking about this kind of thing as highly specific pop art, and I’d love to do these things as like, fake book covers you can put on personal notebooks or something, but the problem is that in order to look as much like cheapo Amerimanga ripoff covers from the early 00s, I use wallpaper searches, which inevitably finds a bunch of dodgy awful websites full of fanart. Basically, I don’t own this art and I don’t feel comfortable considering my particular efforts as transformative enough to make it acceptable to make money.

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