A Rorschach Test

What do you do first? Read the slogan? Examine the gun? Or notice that this kid holding a real gun is about ten years old? Or do you do a Google Image Search to find context on the image, and find out that the girl in front of him with the pink sneakers is nine?

There’s something very wrong with this world.

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  1. It’s not the world, it’s our country, and even then it’s not our country as a whole, so much as people who are completely incapable of seeing a larger picture of what is being said.

    They think their rights are being taken but they never seem to care about taking the rights of others, or the fact that their own want for things to ‘stay as they were originally’ has already been shattered by adding things to our money, our national anthem, and otherwise that include the term of God, which was never supposed to be there to begin with.

    Just wanted you to know someone was reading this too, wanted you to know that it’s terrifying to me that these things happen, that these things exist, because I’m closer to it than you are at current.


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