A Little Story About A Little Bee

Today, we finally got our hole in our flyscreen fixed so we were getting bugs and flies out of the house. Mostly by killing the flies and shooing the bugs. Then, down in the runner of our backdoor, Fox found a bee.

“It’s a pretty big fat bee, honestly,” she said. “Great big fluffy thing. I think it’s dying?”

She tried to usher it out of the house with a plastic container but she couldn’t get it to fly high enough. It sunk down into the runner again and I came over with a piece of tissue pape. I slid down two fingers in the paper down into the runner and scooped it up, and walked out into the garden, and it was then sitting on this little dipped V in the tissue paper.

I moved my other hand underneath it and gave a gentle little flick.I figured that if the bee was dying it’d just let go and fall into the bushes… but the flick made the tissue ~spring~,
and the bee went straight up

and then it was in the air, about… half a meter up from my hand

it stopped falling


oh hey, flying!

and then it turned and flew away to the neighbour’s fruit trees.

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