A Completely Honest Accounting Of A Day

I went to sleep at two.

up late trying to make sure I could get that text done, checking and double checking that everything I’d done had been done up to scratch, some last minute surveying of tomorrow’s notes about the PhD writing ugh got to make the road map got to make sure I’m productive

I woke up at nine.

head hurts but that’s normal how it goes really who doesn’t feel like ass right now but I’ll make sure I can sniff something or taste something because it’s very important, if I can taste things that means I’m probably not sick with covid

I couldn’t see things by ten.

this I understand, this is how I get at cons when I’ve been sleep deprived for a few days in a row, when I can’t sleep due to stress and anxiety, so I start noticing these black patches in my vision the nI have difficulty processing visual information like text, can usually hold it together but hang on why do I need to –

I went to bed.


I woke up at six.

still felt a bit bad

I had dinner, I talked with Fox, I watched Youtube with her.

we had mcdonalds and watched Overly Sarcastic Productions

I sat here in the dark, feeling warm and comfortable and happy.

I met obligations today, even though I wasn’t feeling well, and even if I hadn’t it’d still be okay, it’d be okay to not be productive; but I was able to be, and I should be proud of that, because it was above what I needed to do

And now I’m going to try get some sleep.

it’s okay to have bad days and I need to tell myself that until I can believe it

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