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CoX: Adjusting to Hover

I have over a hundred City of Heroes characters, in aggregate. Back on Live, I had something like eighty characters, and now I have about sixty-four on Homecoming. At one point I thought it’d be interesting to graph up and see what the most common power across all my characters was, figuring that my reliance on things like Fire Armour would mean it was one of the early powers from that powerset.

But that assumption meant I wasn’t remembering travel pools, where for example, every character who flies probably has the power Fly. So then the competition is about which travel powers out of Super Speed, Fly or Super Jump, or the other, less good power pools.

Yeah I said it Teleport.

Point is I assumed that since the majority of my characters travel by flying (I think?) then that means Fly should be my most common power.

And no.

I was wrong.

The most common power across all my characters, the power literally every character on Homecoming has is this one.

Combat Jumping.

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