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Dragons Got Hands

Hey, answer in your own heart, but: Can dragons shapeshift?

Odds are good you break down into three basic categories of answer:

  • Yes, of course
  • No, why does anyone think that?
  • No, they shouldn’t, and I’m mad at how many people think they do

And I guess, the fourth category

  • Why do adults have firm opinions on this?

If you remember my concept I proposed a few years ago, that in the context of a fantasy universe, a dragon is a government, incarnated as an individual entity. They control large areas, people are under their purview, their presence can replace the danger of other kinds of lawlessness, and they are typically only toppled by things the dominant paradigm see as legitimate extensions of state power. You don’t see dragons being toppled by peasant uprisings, but you do see them being slain by individual knights.

What you also see, commonly enough, in the space that delves further into Dragons as agents in the world, is that dragons commonly take the forms of humans.

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