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Things That Didn’t Work


You know how I write something every day?

Some of those things aren’t good enough to share. Some of them aren’t funny or interesting or engaging. Some of them are just a bit short. I know I’ve had my word counts creeping up this year – I mean, a thousand words is pretty typical. It’s weird, because as I write more, I find myself feeling obligated to do more research, and while that’s great for sinew, it does mean it’s a little hard to write anything light.

Here’s some stuff I didn’t write, or if I did write it, you can’t prove it.

  • A full write-up of the Halflings from 3.5 D&D which mostly just rearranged sentences as I tried to make them sound interesting and couldn’t
  • A review of Mirror’s Edge from 2009
  • A short story about a tower being climbed by some adventurers, with the big twist being that the staircase was a screw that drove the tower down into the eart, to literally no meaningful end
  • A short story about mind controlling chip tunes with a ‘but jake was a zombie!’ twist at the end
  • An entire outline for a 3.5 Race book meant to focus on orcs and gnolls
  • A review for ‘ozechoc’ an out-of-production chocolate milk powder
  • Writing from back when I had to schedule caching youtube videos overnight
  • A step by step guide to breaking the stat cap in Quest For Glory 2
  • An autopsy of a supergroup collapse from almost ten years ago that nobody cares about any more
  • A discussion of just how weird a human Mitt Romney is and why it’s supremely weird that he’s taken seriously
  • A long list of insulting things I’d called Tony Abbott in one pre-discord group chat
  • Spreadsheets for organising superhero powersets
  • New spreadsheets for ensuring an interesting gender spread across different character roles
  • An analysis of the 4th Edition D&D characters I’d played in weekend games and their comparative threat value
  • A bunch of posts that just talk about how great my dog is

Sometimes, you gotta clean out the cobwebs.

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