2014 Schedule

I’ve decided, after the success of 2013 in a writing capacity, that I’m going to take a structure approach to what I publish. The plan runs as follows:

  • Every Thursday there will be a new One Stone chapter.
  • Every Monday, there will be a new Game Pile review.

This approach is going to bring with it some good things – in particular, the planned and structured nature of One Stone will hopefully create a better, more integrated story, and planning ahead for Game Pile will let me create more visually interesting, more thoroughly edited works.

Other than that? The rest of the week will just be stuff, me talking about things I experience, games I’m working on, and my class and the ideas it’s inspiring in me.

I’m still debating a Patreon account, but we’ll cross that bridge as we get to it.

Hope you keep tuning in!

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