2013 Short Story Project

Every single week of 2013 I am going to try and create a short story. These stories might be remarkably short – perhaps even as little as a vignette – but I want to make sure that every single week, I create something that I think is worth reading, explores a character worth knowing, and continues giving me a vent for my mind’s creative energies. Last year I tried this, and only made it to February, in part because of blah blah blah blah excuse. This time, I’m making more of a public thing about it and hoping I can use the potential for shame to come back and kick me in the ass when it becomes challenging.

Anyway, the first of the stories – the ‘set piece’ story as it were – which is going to define the world in which I’m going to write, is something I put out in 2012 and I was hoping to expand on, because it touches on one of my biggest problems with a genre that I otherwise love, urban fantasy. That is to say, we live in a world of extraordinary scope and breadth with periods of massive discovery and informational dissemination, and in this modern, internet world, it’s not possible for Kanye west to fart without three chemical samplings of the toot winding up on the internet, so how can these urban fantasy thingies keep themselves hidden? The usual rejoinder is ‘oh, it’s all a conspiracy,’ or ‘it’s all magic,’ but conspiracy theories break down very easily and very quickly when you involve a second human being in them.

I do hope I can keep this up. There will be other stuff posted here, things that will hopefully include commentary on videogames, politics, maybe movies or on my current outlook on movies, pet ownership, life, and all that pretentious space-filling wank that wannabe writers use to fill sentences so they don’t have to admit that the only thing that really interests them is complaining about modern political structures and videogames.