Laundry Dog

Last night we had some laundry on the line. Don’t judge me, I’ve been unwell. Anyway, we had some laundry on the line around … nine o’clock at night. Probably should have been bringing it in before then, but whatever. And we hear the sky rip and suddenly there’s rain.

“Shit!” Fox runs outside, grabs the laundry basket – which had been outside – only to find that an earlier rain had filled the bottom of it with water.

“Shit!” So Fox opens the door and throws clean, mostly dry laundry into the house.

“Shit!” I run out after her and start doing the same thing, with bigger armfuls to throw more stuff.

We get it all off the line despite being rained on and then we come inside. And then we see Elli. Sitting in a pile of laundry, with socks on his head, sitting where we were throwing things.

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