Elections and Magic

If you care at all about Australian politics, you’d know that for a time there, our current Labor administration flirted with the idea of instating a filter on the internet to ensure that content deemed pornographic was unavailable in Australia. It was broadly speaking a non-starter amongst young people, and after some ridicule and being informed by the tech companies involved that it wouldn’t happen, the party dropped it and tried to stop talking about it.

The Liberal party, who aren’t liberal, released their Costings (basically, ‘how we intend to pay for things’) for its election promises, which has a host of problems (some very vague things) but also includes, in the fine print, that same internet filter, without a vote or talking about it as a component of their political platform. Essentially, the Liberal party are trying to instate a bad policy without a discussion.

They probably will win tomorrow. That’s not very cool.

Tomorrow, I go to vote; tomorrow, I go to play Magic cards for a bit with a friend; tomorrow, I drown my sorrows in Pepsi Max and videogames; tomorrow, I do some work on my presentation. Tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow.

Well, today, but it’s just past midnight.

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  1. Drea

    I had a friend once, several years ago who was from around your area… he got so mad when I said I hadn’t voted because it’s this big fucking deal around there? Like I understand it is here too, but you’d be amazed just how little it matters in the end – but he like used to beat it into my head that the fact that I was given a vote meant I should damn well vote. It was always interesting to me to see that reaction.